Kansas Ranch Details

Hunting Methods:

Turkey:  Run and gun and call when the run and gun and calling is working, otherwise we sit in core-high traffic areas if the calling isn’t working so we aren’t burning up our properties trying to call in uninterested Toms.  Hunting over bait is legal in Kansas, so we do utilize this method for those who want to, again used if calling isn’t prime.  We also have multiple ground blinds set-up throughout the entire turkey season for use during archery or shotgun season, we will also use these on rainy days to keep us active and productive in the woods.

Whitetail:  We stay very adverse when it comes to our whitetail hunts.  We utilize all types of equipment to harvest these mature giants.  Ladder stands, tower blinds, lock-ons, and ground blinds are all used at your comfort.  If one isn’t partial to sitting in an open elevated stand, we can always keep them at ground level and comfortable as can be. 

Predators:  We utilize calls and decoys to outwit our bobcats and coyotes into coming close enough for either a shotgun kill or longer range rifle shot.  Either way, we hunt our predators hard to keep deer, turkey, and upland bird numbers as high as possible to provide for other hunts.

Camp Size:  20,000 private acres of free range wild game split between 38 Kansas farms in two Western Kansas counties.  The farms make up 15 miles of river and creek bottom with bordering various ag fields or CRP fields for growing bruiser whitetails. 

Accommodations:  Lodging is provided.  Optional motel stay in town if desired.  If you choose to lodge with HPO at our camp house, we have a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house located in town furnished with everything needed to prepare your own meals (as meals are excluded in hunts) and stay comfortably with us in camp.  There are two living rooms (one upstairs & one downstairs) equipped with TV & cable, WiFi, and have washer and dryer in camp also.  This is a very comfortable lodge stay with no more than 5 or 6 hunters per week in camp.  All field transportation is provided throughout the Kansas hunts.

Driving Distances from major cities: Lincoln, NE—3.5 hours/Omaha, NE—4 hours/Denver, CO—5.5 hours/Kansas City, KS—5 hours/Wichita, KS—3.5 hours

Kansas Camps

Heartland Pride Outfitters calls our NW & SE Kansas Camps home for multiple reasons.  The beautiful thing about growing up and living in south-central Nebraska is that north-west Kansas is only a short drive to the south.  While starting up our Nebraska camps we had decided to drop south into Kansas and open up a branch operation hunting more giant whitetails, upland birds, predators, and both Eastern and Rio Grande turkey.  This has allowed us to combo up numerous hunts throughout both states and provide a multitude of unique hunting ventures for our clients.

HPO will combo up Turkey/Predator, Whitetail/Upland Birds, Eastern/Rio Turkey, or Predator/Upland Bird Hunts throughout our Kansas properties for you.  If you’re more of a trophy Tom taking turkey hunter than trophy whitetail hunter, think about our Rio/Merriam combo turkey hunts in NW Nebraska and NW Kansas with us (Rio-Merriam Camps are 6 hours apart) or the Rio/Hybrid combo turkey hunt in southern Nebraska and NW Kansas (Rio-Hybrid Camps are 1 hour apart). 

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Available Hunts  

Description of the types of hunting available.

  • Whitetail Deer
  • Predators
  • Turkey
  • Mule Deer
  • Rio Turkey

Hunts offered at our Kansas Camps
Combine one of these hunts with a hunt at our Southern Nebraska camp!

  • Trophy Whitetail
  • Trophy Mule Deer
  • Rio Grande (nw camp) or Eastern (se camp) Turkey
  • Predator (raccoon, bobcat, coyote)
  • Upland Bird (dove, quail, pheasant)