TC Farms Details

Terrain Type:  Creek system drainages cutting through agricultural fields mixed with alfalfa, corn, soybeans, wheat, and acres of CRP with a few planted food plots.  The remaining ground consists of pastureland with wooded draws splitting off the creek drainages.  This is moderate terrain with not much elevation change and very accommodating for all client ages and types.

Hunting Methods:

Turkey—Run and gun and call when the run and gun and calling is working, otherwise we sit in core-high traffic areas if the calling isn’t working so we aren’t burning up our properties trying to call in uninterested Toms.  We also have up to 5 ground blinds set-up throughout all hunting seasons for use during archery or shotgun season, we will also use these on rainy days to keep us active and productive in the woods. 

Whitetail—HPO has around 8 pre-set stands and up to 5 ground blinds for your use during your unguided deer hunts.  5 cameras also stay on the property year round in front of corn and mineral feeding and nourishing them and can be checked by you and your group throughout your deer or turkey hunt to better pinpoint your game.  Unlike Kansas, Nebraska law forbids any animals be harvested within a 200 yard perimeter of our baited areas but is there to keep them healthy and on our property.  HPO stays very adverse when it comes to our whitetail hunts.  We utilize all types of equipment to harvest these mature giants.  Tower blinds, ladder stands, lock-ons, and ground blinds are all used at your comfort.  If one isn’t partial to sitting in an open elevated stand, we can always keep them at ground level and comfortable as can be.  On the unguided whitetail hunts, your method is the method you’ll use, but we recommend these stands as they’ve been consistent producers in years past.  We don’t recommend trying to spot and stalk these whitetail at this ranch, but only sit and wait for them to make the wrong move in one of our preset stands or blinds. 

Predators—At HPO we utilize calls and decoys to outwit our bobcats and coyotes into coming close enough for either a shotgun kill or longer range rifle shot.  Either way, we hunt our predators hard to keep deer, turkey, and upland bird numbers as high as possible to provide for other hunts.

Ranch Size: 

1,000 private acres of free range wild game in south-central Nebraska.  The farm makes up 3 miles of creek bottom with bordering grain fields, pastureland, and CRP patches for growing bruiser whitetails and holding sizable groups of hybrid turkey. 

Accommodations:  Local Motels

Driving Distances from major cities: Lincoln, NE—2.5 hours/Omaha, NE—3 hours/Denver, CO—5 hours/Kansas City, KS—6 hours/Wichita, KS—5 hours

TC Farms

This farm is 1.5 hours away from our Kansas ranch so a short drive can connect you to two trophy class ranches producing Trophy Midwestern Whitetail deer and Wild Turkey with HPO.  Inquire about the combo Nebraska/Kansas (archery-rifle-muzzleloader) hunts, or combination turkey hunts with us.

Greatest thing about this area is that it provides Kansas quality but with the ease of having Nebraska over the counter permits available for online purchase.  Nebraska is also a two buck state, so please inquire about the 2 buck hunts at TC Farms.

Available Hunts  

  • Turkey
  • Whitetail Deer
  • Predators

Offered Hunts at TC Farms in Nebraska
Combo these hunts up with a hunt at our Kansas Ranch.

  • Exclusive unguided trophy whitetail hunts/rifle-archery-muzzleloader
  • Exclusive Unguided Hybrid turkey hunts/archery-shotgun
  • Exclusive Unguided Predator Hunts