Our Family and Staff want to thank you for visiting our website and listening to our Company story.  All the photos and hunts offered on this website are testaments of the beauty that Nebraska & Kansas behold and the hard work we put in to provide our clients with memorable & successful hunts.  It is also the great area our family has been blessed with and able to call our home for the past 80 years.

Nebraska is home to the Herman Kuck family (pronounced Cook) founders of Heartland Pride Outfitters, LLC.  The Kuck Family has raised four generations of hardworking, dedicated farming families off of a Gosper County, Nebraska farmstead since the mid 1930’s, located in the middle of the Countries top beef and corn producing region.  Life in this area consists of pure country and a hardy farming and ranching lifestyle.  This area of Nebraska like most areas is littered with thousands of acres of assorted crop fields, cattle feed yards, and pastureland running cow/calf operations.  With having the farming & ranching backgrounds they’ve always had, the Kuck’s have also carried a strong passion for the hunting, fishing, and the outdoors lifestyle between all members of the family.